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You're a small business and you need IT support. That's what I'm here to help with.
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Have questions or need support with running your business in the cloud? I can help. I've built both small and large enterprise environments in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure


All of your in-house IT needs served. From desktops, servers, network, wireless and more. Speed up your networks, secure your workstations and be more productive with reliable compute environments.

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It's a wonderful thing to have local IT support when you need it. Know that you'll only get the most personalized and professional experience with me. I keep pricing simple and there's never a commitment.

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I keep it relaxed and comfortable. Professional yet easy going.
Technology is meant to be enjoyable and valuable.
Travis Wade 400

Travis Wade

Chief Troublemaker

Navy Veteran, husband, father and dog owner. 10 plus years in the IT and Web Development industry. Technology nerd at heart and huge advocate for phenomenal customer service.

Jayda 400


Vice President of Culture

50 pounds of raw, Border Collie energy fueling the office with only the highest levels of motivation and moral. The only requirement of this individual is that you must throw the ball several times day and give strong belly rubs.

I absolutely love my clients, and I get some of the most amazing feedback from everyone I meet. See what some folks have said about me.

"Literally my favorite IT person. I've made him my go-to person over others. I've also made him my best friend against his will :)"

"I'm so used to IT being condescending and blunt. Travis is so warming and helpful, it's a nice refresher to have a friendly IT person."

"Travis was able to solve problems we didn't even know that we had. I was quite surprised at what he achieved with a cost that was very reasonable."

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